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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Google SoC report #2 - Discovering MC5 and friends

Hi everyone, this is my second report about my Google SoC project, which will bring initial Telepathy support for Jokosher. In previous week I was very busy with my qualification paper, which I finished and submitted this monday. After that I jumped in.

First of all, I joined IRC channel #jokosher at (or, if you like) to discuss with Michael Sheldon and Laszlo Pandy how to practically achieve my goals. As Telepathy stack have been developed rapidly last several years and things have changed since Michael's work on his telepathy branch, I had to rewrite method which gets accounts from Telepathy first. Previously it used gconf to store account information, but now you have to do it all using D-BUS magic. Of course, there are lot of things made easier with using python-telepathy bindings. Telepathy guys are slowly moving focus to gobject introspection and pygi way of doing things, but more or less I and my mentor agreed that I have to move forward with former. I also changed application's visual behavior so in a case if there is no accounts of supported type defined and user tries to add 'VoIP' instrument, it gives nice information message in error message area. I also doing patch outside my scope (which I plan to finish tomorrow) of the project for supporting GTK InfoBar, as currently Jokosher use custom class to form this area, to fix various theme bugs - like current one with dark fonts on dark background. I also plan to add button to open Empathy Accounts dialog, so users can add accounts straight from Jokosher.

For next week I plan to connect all dots to actually record conversation. This will be interesting challenge, as I never fully investigated gnonlin. Another problem I want to fix is to get Jokosher connecting to accounts when Empathy already is using them. Currently it requires Empathy to be closed as it tries to request new connection.

Of course, all code can be found in lp:~pecisk-gmail/jokosher/telepathy-ng. You can access code from Ubuntu using command 'bzr branch lp:~pecisk-gmail/jokosher/telepathy-ng'.

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