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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Shame, shame, ohhh, what a shame...

It was very long time of no blogging, however it wasn't my intention, and if even no one reads this, it is just a little shame that I have almost no time for this journal, because when I created it I wanted it to matter.

Now, however, I am motivated to start from begining and so here we go....

Ubuntu 6.06 LTS aka Dapper is released almost two months and this crucial time have been spent without big worries. Only somehow important was xserver-xorg release screwup, but I beg to differ about it's impact - mostly impacted was those who update almost every day. Be sure, I am not one of them, and lot of common users either. :) Anyway, community leaders have learnt their lesson in this and they now investigate how to deal with such situations, t.i. mostly how to test updates for stable release before releasing them in wild.

Anyway, I use Dapper on work computer for now, and I'm very happy about it's perfromance and my "common user test" so far. Certainly there is lack of functionality here and there (most of them already aviable in Edgy updates), sometimes there is gripe about some problems with Microsoft Office documents, but in overall, I think Ubuntu is right on it's way to be Linux desktop king for common users.

I'm planning to post lot of posts from now and they will be about lot of different things around Ubuntu, Linux and free software. There will be also Peter Learns articles, about system tweakage or how to do something without breaking your stable Ubuntu. There will be also my multimedia hurdle, DVDs, Gstreamer, also Jokosher progress (Those guys continue to deliver what they promise, kudos to them), Jono also wrote good intro article about Gstreamer, Python and GTK combo or how make multimedia player in 100 lines of code.

There is lot of things to hype, to be sadden, to be happy, or to just have warm feeling inside about, so stay tuned.

And ohh, certainly Ubuntu Diaries will have Latvian version too.


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