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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Modern Ubuntu times

There are moments in the life when I miss all that Linux desktop begining stuff, when you had to tweak your Linux distribution at maximum to get, for example, divx playing. For now, I just have to enable universe and metaverse and install gstreamer-ffmpeg and gstreamer-plugins-bad and gstreamer-plugins-ugly (for AC3 sound) to get it work. Few clicks and I can play my divx just fine, also Quicktime movies. However, Totem plugin for Firefox still has lot of raw edges, so there is room for improvement. But I am very happy to see that Gstreamer idea proves it's worthy.

Saying that, Ubuntu Dapper beta still has bugs to squeeze, and there comes today's story about several important ones. Bunch of funny and talented guys have created project Jokosher, which aims to provide easy to use and easy to configure multitrack recorder/sequencer, using newest technologies like Gstreamer 0.10, GTK+ 2.8, Python, and Cairo (more in Cakewalk/Cubase direction. In meantime, I would like to point out, that profesionally aclaimed Ardour as Protools replacement will get gtk+2 interface very soon too). They have big fun coding and improving their baby and I say more power to them.
While testing their work, I run into problem that newest gstreamer-0.10 in Dapper won't record anything from alsasrc, which is very pitty. Seems like recording stuff using gstreamer is all broken. However, Ubuntu guys are informed about this problem, also Gstreamer mob, so I hope for fast fix.
And yeah, these days is when Dapper flies sixth time. Grab it for testing/bug reporting pleasure there. And register on Launchpad to register bugs and comment them with your expierence if there is already one.


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