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Friday, April 07, 2006

Death of the bug and other musings

Well, after little brainstorming, noise and brohaha, annoying gstreamer-alsa recording bug got fixed. Thanks to j^ and Sebastian of Ubuntu, bug fix was provided and new version rolled out yesterday. So now I can record with Jokosher and GNOME Sound Recorder on Ubuntu, using Gstreamer backend, without any problem.

Differently, nvidia binary driver got another bug fix release, which seems have to eliminate lot of lockups in my work computer. Will try Xgl later, which was unusable with such nvidia driver's behaviour, t.i. locked up after 5 mins.

Played with Jokosher - nice and easy for now, while not having any serious functionality (as it waits for it's 0.1 release). Slices and their split/join looks shiny and really gives promise of serious app. Ellio started to hack ALSA channel split (for multiple channel card owners like me :)) element for gstreamer, various bits and peaces gets added, visual bugs fixed. Ellio also works on using Gnonlin (Non-linear elements for Gstreamer, used in various video editors for now) for audio stuff.


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