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Monday, February 06, 2006

First time experience

It is just my first post in this blog, for testing sake. I would write here about my bug hunting with GNOME/Ubuntu and Linux in general, my open source and free software experience in server field, and also about aviable free software tools in digital recording field.

For now, I'm just messing with Ubuntu Drakker, which has some positive and some negative strides, but in overall, Ubuntu gets better and better with each release. Have filled various bugs here and there (mostly multimedia related), get confused and saddened by legal straws and problems to get mp3 out of box support in distros (I prefer Ogg Vorbis, but I don't want left many users with lot of mp3 in the cold). Also there is a little food fight in p.g.o. about icons in buttons and texts in buttons. As it was expected, in theory taken steps sounds nice, but in reality you can't fit one glove for any hand. For example, I actually don't care about text in icons for graphical files, it would be better without them probably. However, I am just very against removing them from mount icons. And it is good that some kind of compromise starts to appear - for example, emblems a la Nautilus fame would be very nice.

In the evening I will write more.


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