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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Food fight at GNOME Planet, part II

It was quite easy to get know what is really going on here with all land shaking and screaming of lost lifes (ok, that was overblown). And after Jimmac posted his "why oh why" was so very easy to say that be such post some weeks previously, there won't be such flaming and calling in names for him and Dobey. was just about cleaning up icon theme, using new, much better looking Tango icons and dropping names inside icons. When described, it makes all sense. However, it would be nice to find a different way visually easy to distinguish different file/connection types. It maybe means nothing for common user, but for advanced ones with their motoric skils it can save minutes from their work time.
One of proposals is to use emblems - and actually I would like that. However, count of emblems are somehow limited and you can't get emblem for each file type. Then I though about overlayered text over icon - you could turn it easily on/off.

Actually, at least on Ubuntu Drapper after few hours your forget that those icons where used to contain text, because new ones looks very clear and polished. Kudos to Jimmac and Dobey and all Tango team.

Got myself a little reading about Gstreamer, Glib, GObject and Gstreamer MIDI support. Wanna get dirty with all this stuff :) But let's start with C.


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