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Monday, September 23, 2013

Final report - Google Tasks API support to libgdata/Evolution - there's trees behind forest

So here comes last final summary post about my this year's project. This year I took a break from working with Gstreamer related things like Jokosher or libwaveform. It started quite innocent - I really wanted to add Google Tasks support to Evolution. Yeah, I know, many now assume that NSA reads all our stuff (be serious - it isn't), but really, my task list for all things open source and free software or that I have to buy a kitchen sink really not top secret information. Still, it would be nice to add tasks support for let's say ownCloud in the future too. Another huge reason for this was that I wanted to improve my C knowledge a lot, and for this reason alone these were four months good spent. Also thanks to my mentor Philip I learned one thing or two about writing much cleaner code, thanks to his regular pokes at reviewing commits I got some of these rules in my blood. It's worth to remember that every language and even every project in same language could have different writing styles.

First look at the libgdata gave false sense of assurance, but in fact I stumbled on a lot of issues I have never thought of before. First we had to choose how to implement general JSON support in libgdata. There's lot of places which would require a lot of code refactoring if we would do it full intrusion style. Instead, we choose to "sneak in" support, sometimes using clever hacks in places, as functionality of code was the same and adding something would mean duplicate a lot of stuff. When my last patches will be comitted to master I'll probably write in-depth summary about some of these hacks, in case someone will want to join in improving JSON support in future. I must admit that when first confusion weared off, libgdata code seems very nicely written and it was quite easy to test my code when I got my test right. One of more annoying problems I had was with Google authorization, as we looked for ways how to get authorizer created, as it kept coming back with errors. Google Tasks and other newer APIs quite insist on using OAuth 2.0. In the end I used GDataGoaAuthorizer in test code (which involves manually place client id in code), but it's not a real solution and I will try to get it working with OAuth 1.0 so we can get Google Tasks support tested automatically.

As Google moves to next generation of protocols which uses JSON, I hope my work on this will allow to add support for them in libgdata more easily. I have my branch published at GitHub here and you can follow GNOME Bugzilla bug #657539 who has all my patches attached.

If honest, I hadn't researched Evolution part of my project to full extent before I started hack on eds and "friends", and in result I was a little bit afraid of complexity when discovering that adding GT support will be more challenging than I thought. It took lot of time for me to fully understand how things works in Evolution and EDS, but slowly I pulled picture together. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, all Google ESource objects resides in modules/google-backend. I added tasklist to EGoogleBackend collection object, and defined new backend 'gtasks', in which implementation complexity hides. Evolution relies on this backend implementing several virtual functions. Implementing them properly would end with Evolution automatically recognizing ESource, and reading objects from it to show in task list.
Current state of my Evolution and EDS fixes is not fully ready for "screenshot prime time", however it is positive I will finish implement required changes till the end of September. Currently I finally got my jhbuild working and fixed bugs for last days like crazy. You can see final (for GSoC anyway) state of my evolution-data-server branch here.


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