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Friday, September 20, 2013

Report #4 - Google Tasks API support to libgdata/Evolution - hacking Evolution Data Server

As Google Summer Of Code 2013 finish line closing in I'm completing evolution-data-server part of my project, and cleaning up second part of libgdata changes. Evolution part of project turned out more challenging than I expected, as it has many "moving parts", which I have to take into account.
First of all, Evolution-data-server has central daemon, but it also has of factory registry and factories for addressbook and calendar. In Evolution all communcation between elements are done via D-Bus. To this factory registry we should use ESource to add another resource of information. All related Esources can be stored together in ECollectionBackend subclass. In my case all Google sources can be found in EGoogleBackend (which in turn is hidden in modules/google-backend directory), which I have extended to support tasklists already. However, it's not whole story. Essentially, ESource is just a shell. You add extensions to it to ensure different functionality. Also each ESource has backend, who does all heavy lifting - actual data retrieval and synchronization with remote source.
As in many systems Evolution included tasks are seen as part of calendaring system. In result all calendaring backends include support (if possible) for calendars and tasks at once (notes and journals also can be added) and can be found in calendar/backends. This time though I'm making brand new backend just for Google Tasks, as it has completely different way to access Google APIs and retrieve results. I don't have to worry that calendar may try to use this backend, because in EGoogleBackend you can identify in code that only tasklists should use 'gtasks'.
Currently I'm trying to get 'gtasks' working with OAuth2 authorization. For this I follow how Contacts 'google' backend is implemented. I would like to use GOA extention for source (which EDS has), but as it means changing whole Google source collection backend, I will have to stick with OAuth2 for now.
Additionally to get backend working for read only mode, I have to implement open, get_object, get_object_list, start_view virtual classes. Their functionality is rather simple and I have bunch of them already implemented. As starting platform I used 'caldav' backend, but this caused some issues with understanding fully how everything works (thanks my mentor Milan for clearing up most of things). A little bit more complicated is synchronization between local storage and actual server, but it's still doable.
During weekend I will write one or two final entries for GSoC with details how everything works together so far. Then I hope to hand in my branches to mentors for review and commit. Then all work will continue on GNOME git server after GSoC.


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